We Build the Structures That Define Hawaii
+ Years in Business
+ Condo Units Built
+ Employees

Mission – Deliver valuable construction solutions on time and on budget through diligence, innovation, and teamwork.

Vision – The company that makes a prosperous and sustainable future for Hawaii and its ohana (family) possible.

We are known for

Dependable Construction

Building in Hawaii since 1902. We know our market. No other contractor can deliver the level of service we offer.

Innovative Solutions

Drawing from the innovative minds and hundreds of years of combined experience our staff bring to work every day.

Dedicated Workforce

Many of us have been working together for over 20 years. This is our home. We’re committed to building the finest structures in Hawaii.

Process Makes Perfect


Understand and document a client’s needs and wants.


Plan out every piece of work before the hammers start swinging.


Take raw materials and turn them into the client’s vision.


Document our learning and incorporate into the next process.

We are a proud member of the Kajima family of businesses. Kajima is a publicly traded Japanese company. To learn more, visit their webpage.

The Culture is The Company

A company’s strategy is only as good as its culture will allow it to be.

A culture of performance

We compare our performance against numbered goals. Our metrics-based approach lets us track real performance. Each project, employee, and piece of equipment is expected to perform.

A culture of safety

Our goal is zero safety incidents on each job site. Constant vigilance helps us avoid mistakes. After working a hard day, we like to go home to our families the same way we left them.

A culture of fulfillment

We consistently deliver on time and on budget. If we can deliver even faster, we will. We’d want the same if it were our project.

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