Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

Project Description

Magic. That is the story of Disney’s Aulani. A palatial entrance welcomes visitors to this beachfront property with its hundreds of luxury villas and hotel rooms, conference center, and pool complex with a feature pool, wading pool, tube watercourse, slides, hot tubs, and snorkel lagoon.

Additional amenities include a spa, two restaurants, parking structures, wedding lawn, and kids club. Aulani is a showpiece of masterful artwork and engineering, richly decorated in a style celebrating Hawaii’s culture and traditions.

This world-renowned resort and spa is the first of its kind for Disney and the largest for the state of Hawaii. About 1,000 craftsmen raised this exquisite attraction with a two-year turnaround. The expertise and materials for this work were imported from the four corners of the world.

The Hawaiian Dredging team is especially proud that our contribution included the creation of over 1,000 jobs for the local economy during a period of economic recession.



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