In-Vessel Bioconversion Facility


Project Description

Hawaiian Dredging constructed a bioconversion processing facility that transforms the 50 million gallons of waste water residents generate each day into a marketable fertilizer. The product is sold and used throughout the state.

Each day Sand Island Waste Water Treatment Plant processes about the same volume of waste as 50 cruise ships could carry in fuel. The sludge is handled by an In-Vessel Bioconversion Facility that helps divert waste away from Oahu’s landfills.

Unique for its use of methane gas to fuel the operation, the iconic egg-shaped vessel at the plant is a mini manufacturing operation which transforms solids into a fertilizer called Granulite. The fertilizer is sold to golf courses, farms, landscapers, etc.

HDCC provided the construction services to build the facility. The building that houses the converter had to be renovated before processing equipment could be installed. Hawaiian Dredging removed existing equipment (boilers and sludge burners), refurbished the building, and installed new processing equipment and piping. A new admin building was erected within.

We are committed to work that provides a sustainable future for Hawaii and its families. This was one job where Hawaiian Dredging was happy to get our proverbial hands dirty.

Map it: Sand Island

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