HECO CIP Power Station

Project Description

About a half century had passed since the last power plant was built in our state. Hawaiian Dredging was commissioned to assemble the newest facility with its 110MW biodiesel turbine generator. Campbell Industrial Park would be the new home for the facilities.

The site needed new operations buildings, fuel tanks, water storage and treatment, piping, and a smokestack almost as tall as a football field is long. Moving a smoke stack that tall from suppliers in China without incident was a feat recognized in a national industry journal.

Facility components came from as far as Germany, the mainland United States, and Mexico. Since pre-fabricated piping was not an option, Hawaiian Dredging created custom piping components and assembled them on location. The site and machines were wired together with about 80 miles of electrical cable within an area not bigger than a small farm.

The plant ensures a brighter future for Oahu residents. We get excited each time we turn our lights on in the morning knowing our power is more sustainable.


Map it: HECO CIP Power Station

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