Maui Business Park

Project Description

A new wave of economic development is hitting Maui’s shores. Property development is on the rise in support a growing middle class. Investments are being made by stores that supply this demographic, including Wal-Mart, Costco, and K-Mart.

New businesses continue to buy in, giving way to a 38 acre site that was recently scheduled for a business park property. The Owner hired Hawaiian Dredging and to prepare the lots.

Hawaiian Dredging is preparing the site by providing earthwork services and installing utilities. Originally a vacant lot, Hawaiian Dredging is adding storm drainage, sanitary sewer, potable and non-potable water systems, roadway improvements, an underground electrical system, and landscaping.

Weather and geology are two key challenges on this project. The weather in Kahului produces a dry, dusty environment with high winds blowing through the central valley. Operating heavy equipment in this environment requires water trucks to spray down dust Considerable quantities of hard rock have been excavated to accommodate utilities.

Grading operations are unique to the site. Hawaiian Dredging used the innovative Trimble GPS system, which incorporates a 3-D model of the project and utilizes GPS to guide grading machines. This uber accurate guidance system provides site positioning for gradesetters to ensure quality control.

The conventional method of setting property and building boundaries is a process of installing pins and pulling string lines. With Trimble GPS, machine operators view a screen showing positioning of the cutting blade on the grader or dozer. This method eliminates costly errors and allows staking work to be done by one person instead of two.

Hawaiian Dredging continues its long history of innovation as part of the Owner’s team. We’re always pleased to facilitate economic development on the islands.

Map it: Kahului

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