Sand Island WWTP Odor Control

Project Description

Waste Treatment needed an extensive excavation inside of 50 acres of coral material to install new utilities.

Hawaii is better known for its tropical flowers and fragrances. Plumeria. Jasmine. Coconut. But come to Honolulu at the wrong time of day and you may catch a whiff of something far less appealing. The Waste Treatment Facility was having trouble controlling offensive off-gassing. Residents and tourists understandably had strong objections! The situation had become an environmental and political mess.

A new Odor Control System was installed and four existing Gravity Thickeners were overhauled. Additional electrical stations and a chlorinator station were added along with backup generators. A road accessing the expansion area was laid. Hawaiian Dredging completed the expansion with new utility systems (water, electrical, communications), as well as a control and data acquisition system.

When we finished, all Honolulu breathed sighs of relief.

Map it: Sand Island

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